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A New Dawn

A New Dawn


Many adventures and many tales have been told. But this is the complete one, the whole story so to speak that truly describes the grandness and beauty of The Infinite and its inner workings. It all begins and ends with the emergence of the first people reality was shaped a vast empty realm. They built and shaped and sculpted the universe in their image in the most subtle of ways. And they found their own vast foe, an opposite of everything they are that emerged to challenge them. And a great war was fought that they won. And not long after another war was fought within their own ranks. The strongest imprisoned, the most cunning in a prison of their own construction, and with the kindest and most nurturing among them they simply died out for unknown reasons.

And with the end of the first people, the beginning of time began and the first cycle began. And in the first cycle, a race came into existence it is forgotten what civilization they founded. But it was split asunder by great catastrophes one of the main groups saw little choice but to flee with the assistance of the living shadows. Another group through their own efforts separated themselves from the troubled world through unknown means. And the final group those known as the Grey Guard weathered the storm. After this two great voids came into existence perhaps from without the known bounds of reality. 

These two voids began their consuming hunger across the cosmos. One seemed to consume spaces in the fabric of reality, and the other stumbled upon the masters of body and mind from the second race. Consuming a copious amount of them, it became greatly weakened and became the white void of creation. Ever combating the damage its twin of destruction brought, locked into an eternal struggle for supremacy.

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