Retribution of Justice

Retribution of Justice: Genesis of the Scions, and all they Shaped

Aetherious Master of the Isle at the Center of All Times and Places. The progenitor of the Scions and Master of a new realm that he simply conjured into chaotic being, with energies from all other planes from his travels. Thus the First Scions were tasked with taming these energies and preparing the laborious groundwork of their great project. For the energies brought forth took on magnificent and monstrous forms, and waged a great primordial war of dominance in this new reality.

The First Scions had waged their great war for dominance in the name of their creator. And in victory, they took all of the fallen. Shaping the Foundations of Reality into great Bulwarks to support and protect the Great Work. Slumbering within the Foundations themselves to keep the primordial forces pacified. And with their slumbering, a great cycle of silence was allowed for all to settle before Aetherious created the Second Scions to continue the works of the prior.


The Second Scions continued the work of their predecessors. And they were the ones who brought forth the great Voidlike Vale that is the canvas of the universe. Igniting the very stars with the dreams created of the First Scions, thus their flames would be eternally fueled unless they were slain, thrown down, or corrupted…The next step was to shape the Lands 

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