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The Rise of Al’mier’ez

Manifest Destiny: Prologue Part 1

Sometimes there are born amongst the many lowborn, future figures of extraordinary capability or future purpose. And such was the ironic fate of two sons, from different fathers, families, and cultures. Yet these utter strangers would be doomed and blessed to be intertwined in a role much greater than their own. But that shall become evident as the story unfolds…

Erik and Daniel of the ages seven and nine respectively were an odd pair. For Erik was the son of the villages most reputable merchant, who passed as the local mercantile muscle of the village. Well as Daniel’s father was one of the guards, and Daniel spent most of his time hunting, cutting firewood, or spending time with Erik. The larger boy seemed to enjoy the presence of his younger counterpart. And they each imparted their own aspects at least in part to the other, Erik teaching Daniel how to read properly. And Daniel showing Erik how to fish, and hold a bow properly.

Erik’s ninth birthday brought with it the awakening of abilities of magical nature. And Daniel had been present to corroborate this, for they’d been practicing archery (as Daniel often insisted) and Erik was as usual quite fed up with it after the half an hour of progress they’d made.


“I hate archery! It’s so dumb! I have already done this so many times! Why do you insist we keep doing this?” 

Daniel’s response was thus,

“Because being able to shoot means you aren’t useless when starving for food, or trying to stop bandits.” 

Erik threw our his arms and the tree along with a small crater beneath it vanished from sight and as far as further investigation determined the world. Both stopped awe-struck by the event, quickly returning to the village. It seemed Erik was destined for the path of a scholar, and his father couldn’t have been happier. For magic was the calling of potent and influential people. Thus a divide was forced upon the young friends while their lives began to change indeed. 

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