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A lone knight in a land of sin

His awakening was not a kind one. It wasn’t anything so fairy tale like, awakening to his families descendants calling upon him for aid. No, it was cruel, confusing, and revolting. He awoke in a wooden box that smelled like death. Broke it open, only to crawl through six feet of wet dirt and mud. He’d emerged gasping and unable to see, finally stopping in a kneeling position the rain washing away the mud and bugs from his face. After what seemed and could have been hours he stumbled to his feet wandering off. In his hands, he clutched something…..made of glass and metal from the texture of it. When he’d regained his senses the nameless, confused, lost individual awoke under a tree. He wore a robe of some sort that covered him bodily besides his face.

The Knight had been told on his routine trip through the village, that some vagabond or confused fellow had taken up shelter near the village. His stench and noises made during his sleep repelling the curious. And so as the goodly knight you were you went to investigate. Finding what to you simply seemed to be a very down on his luck fellow in the need of knightly aid. You spoke in your most jovial and knightly tone, “Why hello there my good fellow! I say you look to be in a spot of need for some help eh?” He extended his hand out to the fellow in order to help him up.

Waking up he realized two things. There was a heavily armored man in front of him, and he clearly expected to help him up. The only logical solution was to take his hand and start figuring out what had happened. Reaching his hand out towards the knightly fellow the robe slipped back from his hand. Revealing to the knight clad in armor what to the trained eyes was clearly the regenerating flesh of the risen dead. The hand extended in friendship drew the blade, blessed by the divine as quickly as it had extended in friendship. And drove right towards the creature’s chest…Plunging right into the container concealed in the other hand, shattering it and blinding the knight in the process as light burst forth.



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